Our Story

Trinity Catholic Primary is a co-educational K-6 school providing an attractive environment for our students’ educational, spiritual and recreational needs.

Trinity Catholic Primary is situated in vast grounds on the outskirts of Kemps Creek, and shares a site with Emmaus Catholic College and the Emmaus Retirement Village. Our school’s motto is ‘In Giving We Receive,’ from the prayer of St Francis, which reflects hospitality. We believe that giving is the essence of true Christian hospitality and we encourage our students to be generous, caring and loving.

Our Story

Trinity Catholic Primary School, Kemps Creek, opened in 1993, with an enrolment of 116 children from Kindergarten to Year Two. In 2017, we have an enrolment of 320 children from Kindergarten to Year Six. Sharing the site with us is Emmaus Catholic College and the Emmaus Retirement Village.

Trinity is the second Catholic primary school within the Parish of Holy Spirit St Clair. Our pastor is Fr Michael Belonio OSA. The school community moved to the permanent site in 1995, when Stages One and Two of the permanent buildings were built. In 1998, the third and final stage of the building program, consisting of our Learning and Resource Centre (LARC) and two new classrooms, were completed and officially opened. In 2013 the school celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Trinity School Crest

The school logo is based on the famous Russian Icon of the 'Trinity'. The original Icon (142 x 114cm) was painted by Andrei Rublev, a monk, (c1370-1430) for the monastery of St Sergius at Zaborsk near Moscow. This Icon is now housed in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.





The Mamre Story

The Icon is a depiction from Genesis 18:1-10. Abraham welcomes three "heavenly beings" under the Oak at Mamre and gives them hospitality, but quickly realises that this is a manifestation of God in the guise of three angels. They reveal the birth of Isaac, and Abraham is able to intercede for Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Three Figures are seen as having distinct features, yet share a striking similarity - one nature and three persons of the Trinity. The three figures form a circle symbolising eternity, which, like the circle, has no beginning and no end, and completeness. The Icon is painted in two dimensions which gives the perspective of the other world, rather than in the three dimensions of this world.

The Central figure CHRIST wears the earthy magenta of humanity
The Left figure THE FATHER is in transparent gold
The Right figure SPIRIT is in the green of spring, renewal, growth and hope.

The Three Persons in the Icon are in readiness to WELCOME a guest with whom to share their life in the HOSPITALITY of the Table - the Table of the Eucharist. The place reserved for the guest is symbolised by a small niche in the lower centre front. The oak tree symbolises the Tree of Life and the Tent symbolises both the Church and Mary as dwelling places of God.

The Logo was adapted by Father Brian Rooney, former Parish Priest of Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair in 1992. Father Brian was instrumental in the establishment of Trinity Catholic Primary School as the second parish primary school.

In preparing the Logo, a few changes were made for simplification in the reproduction process. The figures and positions remained faithful to the original, as did the table, the cup, the niche and the oak tree. The Tent is represented by the BLUE peaked outline or edging of the emblem.

The Colours of each of the Three Persons are:

  • The Central figure - Saviour (Jesus) clothed in earthy brown, symbol of His humanity
  • The Left figure - Creator (Father) clothed in gold, symbol of magisterial - power and authority.
  • The Right figure - Sanctifier (Spirit) clothed in green, symbol of growth.

The Motto: 'In Giving We Receive' from the Prayer of St Francis, reflects hospitality. Giving is the essence of true Christian hospitality.