School Philosophy

Trinity Kemps Creek is a top Catholic Primary school catering to boys and girls in Years K-6.

Trinity’s spirituality is based around both the school’s logo, which symbolises the story of Abraham and Sarah at Mamre, and the school motto which is ‘In Giving We Receive’. Therefore, there is a strong commitment to creating a school community where all members experience a sense of welcome and belonging based on genuine Christian hospitality.

Our purpose at Trinity, as part of the Church’s wider ministry, is to provide authentic teaching and learning experiences which match the needs of the child and which acknowledge the God given uniqueness of each person. We aim to create an environment that provides a balance between support and challenge for each learner.

In the words of our school song, The Trinity Song, at Trinity we are a ‘community of learners known by name; each one is different and yet the same’. At Trinity, each member of the community is considered to be a learner and we aim to foster a commitment to lifelong learning in the context of a lived experience of our faith. In particular, we aim to make the Gospel values of respect, the dignity of each individual, justice and equity explicit and lived out in the relationships between the members of our community.